Dota 2 player who was banned for sharing multiple accounts, asks for a lesser sentence

Don’t call it hangover, it’s wine flu

Image via Virtus.Pro

On December 18, Valve’s ban hammer shook the Dota 2 competitive landscape. Following thorough investigations, the developer issued 10 lifetime bans to players who were discovered to have shared accounts during official matches, including Kamil “Koma” Biktimirov, the newest position one player for Virtus Pro.

Following his ban, Koma made a statement about the incident yesterday in the hopes of getting a lesser punishment because he is currently barred permanently from taking part in any Valve or PGL events, which will terminate his career.

I messed up and listened to other people, Koma admitted. “I participated in an official match using a different account in the hopes of winning cash. I recognize my error and sincerely apologize to everyone in the community, especially VP fans.

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Written by Joey P

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